Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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Whatever Happened to “You’re Welcome”?
If you’re as ancient as I am, you can probably remember the time when people responded to your polite “Thank you” with a smile and a pleasant “You’re welcome.” That’s why, like me, you probably cringe when clerks and others respond to your thanks with a curt “No problem.”
No problem? Was there a problem to begin with? Oh well, maybe I’m being too critical. Even so, it would be nice to hear someone say, “You’re welcome” every so often. What do you think?

Here's How One Teacher Uses Photography To Teach Writing
Mary Ellen Meyer is a teacher consultant at the Prairie Lands Writing Project. In her high school English classes, she asks students to write “I Am From” poems based on photos that are significant to them in terms of their lives. To support this activity, she asks such questions as Where are you from? Who are/were your grandparents or great grandparents? What occupations did some of your ancestors have?
Meyer has also used this exercise at a writing institute for teachers. You can see samples at under "Writing Marathon Example 1 Addie” and at under “Example 1 Michelle.” And don’t miss Meyer’s blog at

Off Topic Musings

> I hope you noticed that I didn’t write Totally Off Topic Musings (above). Yucch! What a dreadful word. Totally, indeed! What do you think?
> I watched the film Love in the Time of Cholera on DVD last night. It was so good that I’m giving it the coveted Kellner’s Own Golden Pen and Ink Award for excellence in cinematography, acting, music, direction, and everything else that contributes to the creation of a wonderful film.
> Is stress getting you down? Well, now there’s a drug-free way to cope! Yes! Just go to and order Cottonwood Press’s Polka Therapy DVD. Even if you’re too, uh, advanced in age to prance around the dance floor to such classics as “Road Rage Polka,” “Acapella Polka, and “Pooper Scooper Polka,” you’ll love these immortal melodies.


Marcia said...
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dkzody said...

I too am aghast every time someone says, "no problem," to my Thank you. What's up with that?