Saturday, July 12, 2008

"We hold these truths to be self-evident..."

Did you know that a recent study by the Intercollegiate Study Institute revealed that in a 60-question quiz given to 14,000 students at 50 colleges, a majority of the students could not identify the quotation cited above? And would you be surprised to discover that some of the students thought its source is the Communist Manifesto? Suzanne Fields, The Washington Times

Using Photographs to Teach Writing

Frank Holes, Jr. is the editor of Star Teaching and an English teacher at Inland Lakes Middle School, Indian River, Michigan. Holes shows his students photographs of children performing daily activities and asks them such questions as Who is the Child? What is his/her name? What is the subject's family like? How old is the subject? What is he or she feeling? "I also ask the students to give a full description of the setting that includes sense impressions," writes Holes. Then he asks questions related to a possible plot before he directs the students to write a story that places the child in the setting.

Kellner's Own Highly Coveted Golden Pen Award

Denzel Washington's performance in The Great Debaters won't earn him the highly coveted Kellner's Own Golden Pen Award, but it is notable for its intensity. Set in a small college in Texas during 1935, the film tells the story of a group of college debaters who beat the odds and go on to achieve success.

I Don't Like Honey with My Fried Eggs

Elizabeth and I were having breakfast at Billy Bob's Diner--yes, there really is a Billy Bob's Diner here in Winston-Salem--when the server looked at me and asked, "What'll it be, honey?" Uggh, I thought. If one more server at a restaurant or diner calls me honey or sweetie or darlin', I'm gonna go berserk!

Always quick to read my mind, Elizabeth looked at me, smiled, and warned me with her eyes that if I didn't behave myself, there would be consequences. Ignoring her, I looked up at the server and replied, "I don't like honey with my fried eggs!"

Unfortunately, my attempt at satire had no effect on the server. "No problem," she responded. "We don't serve honey with eggs, darlin'. Now how do you want 'em?"

Defeated, I slumped back in my seat and croaked, "I'll have a bowl of oatmeal."

As we left Billy Bob's Diner a while later, Elizabeth hooked her arm into mine, looked up at me, smiled, and purred, "Would you like me to drive, sweetie?"

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eguy said...

I'm really enjoying reading your observations and comments. This week's blog includes some great ideas for using photos to inspire writing. It makes me want to drag out old photos of my own and start writing memoirs! And the story about eggs and honey was a hoot! I'm looking forward to your next blog.