Tuesday, March 12, 2013

 Did you know that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it processes text?

Memories of an Outdoor Café
            When I saw the little café in Copenhagen, I knew I had to photograph it. Quickly, before the image could disappear from my mind’s eye, I aimed my Leica at the scene and captured it. The lighting was perfect.
             “Another shot of a storefront?” remarked my longtime partner and co-author Elizabeth Guy. “You must have a million of them in your files. Don’t you think you’ve photographed enough of them?”
            “Maybe,” I  responded. ‘But you never know. Someone might be able to use this photo some day.”
            Six years later, while we were developing a major project for a publisher of educational materials, Elizabeth walked into my office and handed me a sheet of paper with a poem and a photo printed on it. I hadn’t read the poem before that moment, but I did recognize the photo I’d taken several years earlier.

An Outdoor Café in Europe

I met him at an outdoor café
In Europe.
Copenhagen, I think.

We talked until the sun—
A scarlet wafer in the sky—

That’s when he kissed me.

His breath was sweet:
Honey floating in the air.

When morning came,
I reached for him
In our little room
Above the café.

But, like the sun,
He’d disappeared.

Gone like the lovely night—
A misted memory.
Disappeared at morning rise—
Another shattered dream.

Ah, well, I sighed
And stretched
And thought:
Long distance relationships
Almost never work out.

                    --Elizabeth Guy

            “That’s a nice little poem,” I said.  “I like the ending. By the way, who was your lover with the sweet breath?”
            Elizabeth smiled. “There was no lover. Don’t be such a wise guy.”
            “By the way,” I continued,  “Isn’t that one of the photos I took while we were in Copenhagen? The one you complained about? The same one about which you said, ‘Don’t you think you’ve photographed enough storefronts?’”  Truth to tell, I was beginning to enjoy what I thought would be my moment of triumph.
            Elizabeth didn’t miss a beat. “That’s not what I said,” she responded. “That’s your interpretation. The fact is, what I really said was: ‘I’m glad you took that photo. I’m sure that some day it’ll provide inspiration for someone to write a poem or other work.’ I just didn’t know it would be me.” She placed her hands on her hips and smiled.
            Knowing that it would be futile to contradict her, I grinned at my partner and offered up the ancient incantation behind which men always hide when they know they’ve been outmaneuvered once again.  “Yes, dear. Of course you’re right,” I declared.

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