Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Poetry and Photographs

An Elementary School Student's Poem about Grandmother

      Erick Moore is a student at the South Elementary School, Muhlenberg, Kentucky. We matched his poem, " A Grandmother's Heart," with Cindy Nadal's photo to create an image that is both pleasing and inspirational. This combination will be included in our upcoming anthology, Reflections: A Collection of Photos, Poetry, and More, which will be published by Prufrock Press. If you or your students would like to contribute poetry to this work, please contact me. At this writing, the manuscript is complete, but we can always find room for more poems by students and/or teachers at all levels.
     Together, the poem and accompanying photo are sure to stimulate class discussion that can produce  ideas that will stimulate students' imaginations and trigger many different kinds of writing. Of course, it's also possible to use either the poem or the photo alone to inspire writing. You'll discover more information in earlier entries to this blog.

       A Grandmother's Heart

A grandmother's heart is a special place
You can read what it holds
By the smile on her face.
Within her heart memories are dear:
Memories of grandchildren,
Laughter and cheer.
Within her heart her grandchild will live,
And her heart will not burst
For it holds people dear.
Forever my Grandma,
Forever my friend.
                 -Eric Moore

       Feel free to download this and any other photo you discover in the archives of this blog for use in your classroom. To see even more photos, click on MY PORTFOLIO,  top right. And to read my series of ten articles on using photographs to inspire writing, go to

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  Frank Holes, Jr. has published Timothy San Pedro's poem "A Full Purple Crown" in STAR TEACHING. To read the poem and see San Pedro's accompanying photo, go to and  click on "New! Hank Kellner's Using Photography To Inspire Writing."


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