Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Information about Writing and Photos

 When No Words Are Needed

       To inspire writing in their classrooms, many teachers like to accompany photos with written prompts. Foremost among these are  keywords and/or possible first lines.  Others prefer to use photos as the basis for class discussions designed to stimulate their students. Still others simply show selected photos to their students before turning them loose to develop creative pieces. 
       Here are two examples of photos that are sure to trigger ideas that will help students get past the "I don't know what to write about" stage of their development as writers. Feel free to download these photos for use in your classrooms.


A Few Interesting Resources
       For more valuable information about using photographs to inspire writing, please visit the following websites.

      At these websites you'll discover a great deal of information that will help your students use their imaginations to develop better compositions.


      Published by Cottonwood Press in 2009, Write What You See: 99 Photos To Inspire Writing by Hank Kellner is now marketed by Prufrock Press. Please visit now to order this fine book. This thought-provoking collection contains photographs and a wide variety of inventive writing prompts to motivate students.
     Written by a veteran of the Korean War and retired educator who has served as an English Department supervisor and adjunct associate professor of English at the community college level, Write What you See includes a CD-Rom and a special section telling how teachers nationwide use photos to inspire writing. 118 pages, 8 1/2 X 11, Softbound, ISBN 978-1-877673-83-2, Grades 7-12, $24.95

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